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Default Re: Wetzel: The Path of Least Resistance Makes Most Sense for BCS

Originally Posted by Dino 6 Rings View Post
You should Lose Votes for playing rent a wins. And you should be BANNED from the title game if you play a Div II school.
I agree, in theory, with both.

Still have to say there are exceptions. Tress played YSU to throw his old program a bone in the form of two $850,000 paydays, which was the first and will be the last time my Bucks ever play a D-II foe.

I also give some consideration for teams who simply cannot FIND a D-1 team willing to play them. I remember the Gators had this dilemma a couple years ago so they "had" to take a weak mid-tier D-II team late in the season. On the surface that looks fine since they want the revenue for the 6th or 7th home game, HOWEVER it's a known fact that Florida actively turns down offers from non Southeast teams to play home-and-home series every year. They don't WANT to play tough OOC games, and Meyer himself recently said he has no plans to change the way they schedule.

Hopefully justice and karma will catch them soon...I look forward to a day when there are 3 undefeated teams, Florida being one of them, and the other two teams having stronger SOS and OOC schedules get the nod.

As the article stated, it's not the best TEAM, it's the best record, though, so there are major problems still...

Just for the record, I never hated the Florida teams until I moved there and watched all the transplanted fans vacillate allegiances week to week based on the polls. So this has nothing to do with UF beating OSU in the NCG a few years ago (although it certainly didn't HELP!)
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