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Originally Posted by revefsreleets View Post
Let's put it this way. If we had the top 8 (BCS) play now, this is how it would shake out in a tournament:

Oregon vs. Florida
Boise vs. Texas
TCU vs. Bama
Cinci vs. Iowa

Oregon would beat Florida for the reasons you stated. They are peaking and Florida is not.
Texas beats Boise.
Bama beats TCU

Cinci Iowa is a toss up. I'm going with Iowa because I'm a Big Ten guy.

Next round would be Oregon vs Texas and Bama and Iowa/Cinci

Bama would play the winner of Oregon/Texas...and I'm saying that would be Texas.

Which is where we SHOULD be now...and it could very well be where we are January 8th. I think the aforementioned tourney would be a Helluva lot more fun to watch!
I personally would love to see that tourney. I know we won't have anything like that for years to come but something seriously needs to be done with the current system. I'm with the majority of you that the NC has been gift wrapped for UF this year. It's a shame that it comes down to the refs taking the game out of the players hands, it's happened several times this year. Hopefully someone rises to the occasion and can beat UF and we'll get a more deserving NCG. I really don't care b/c my team has no shot this year. Go Noles by the way!
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