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Default Prayers needed

OK, I'm not even sure where to start. Basically, I've been in constant pain for the past few months. It started in my abdomen and has since spread to my chest. I've been to seven doctors and not one of them has any idea. Tests have been run, have come back clean. I have CP, and therefore have a shunt. We went to my neurosurgeon because we thought the tube was caught on something. Turns out it's been disconnected for about a year. And I'm still here, which is a miracle in itself. Sidenote: the symptoms I'd be having if it were the shunt would be vomiting and headaches, neither of which I have. They actually told us that if nothing else was found, they would go in and take out the tube (but leave the valve). And it looks like that's what they're going to do. So I'm going in. Because I still feel like crap, and am getting more and more tired every day. I'm hanging in there, thanks in no small part to my friends who, even though they're still in Buffalo, 6 hours away, they're still in my corner. Prayers are much appreciated. Thanks guys :)
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