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Default Re: Congrats to the Steelers fans...still hard to swallow

ESPN is starting to look like FOX in their "Fair and Unbalanced" bullshit coverage. They are more and more, with shit shows like Cold Pizza and Page 2, leaning toward shock journalism and trying to get ratings by exploiting the emotions of the people who are looking for reasons that their team lost.

Everyone of those freakin' questions in their POLL was bullshit.

Did the ball cross the line for a touchdown, YES!!! Look at it again....and again and again, and everytime you look at it, you will see the ball crossing the front of the line before Ben hits the ground.

Was the PI call in the endzone a legit call.... YES!!! Look at it again.....and again and again, and everytime you look at it, you will see the defender moving backwords from a PUSH........

Could the officating have been better, Yes. Did the calls change the outcome of the game, well, Yes in some cases, as they should!!! That touchdown with the PI call should not have stood, so the officiating team did it's job.......

Why is it so hard for people to get this???

I could go on and on, and I'm going to stop now because I should be enjoying this day. I should not be spending my time trying to defend a win by our Steelers.........


EDIT: Here's something for the Ben TD question:

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