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Default Re: Season Recep on 17 Straight...

Originally Posted by T.Richardson View Post
I might agree with McLouth as a foundation for the future, but Sanchez? he is over 30 years old, there is no way he would be productive when the team is a contender. McLouth is a average player, and a career .260 hitter, this year for the Braves, he didnt player nearly as well as he did last year. Grabow was giving up hit, after hit, run after run. I would have given him up for a roll of tape. I have no idea who Henry Hinske is, and Nyjer Morgan is 29, a slap hitter, and his only postive was his speed. Milledge is a potential 5 tool player, and hits with more power than Morgan. Those were not questionable trades, with maybe the exception of McLouth.
I think he meant Eric Hinske, who has turned out to be one of the bigger 1st round busts in recent memory and is nothing but a marginal bench player. The Pirates have had too many of this kind of player over the years, so it's no big deal when one is traded.

I'm not sold on any of the trades, quite frankly, and won't be until I see some positive results. And if the author really thinks Bob Nutting is going to spend much more than the $30 million payroll he already has to improve the team, think again. He may add another million or 2 for a marginal lefty in the bullpen and a mediocre "power bat," and that's about it. Or he may just call up a couple of minor league "prospects" just to save that couple million. God forbid he takes money away from his ski resort to put a decent product on the field.

BTW, I got my renewal papers for my season tickets yesterday...and promptly threw them to the side. I'm not lining Nutting's pockets any more until he either sells the team or they actually do something strange, like have a winning season.

Anyway, this article was just terrible, and I'm not just talking about the comments about the trades. With all of the grammar and spelling errors, it looks like it was written by Tim Lumber.
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