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Default Re: 9-21, 123 yds, 2 int

All in all, he played an absolutely dreadful game. He personally made one good play and that of course was the 3rd and 28 to Hines that got them down to the 3 yard line. And quite honestly, that ball was under-thrown and I thought Hines really made a great adjustment on that pass to make the play. Hence, he is the MVP of the game. I will say this, the way Ben kept that play alive buying time, scrambling out of the pocket while still having the presence of mind to not step over the line of scrimmage, and finding an open receiver looked awfully reminiscent of a play that Brett Favre might make in that situation. This season not withstanding, anything Ben does that resembles Favre is all right by me. He's only 23 years old folks, I think we've got a pretty good dozen or so seasons to look forward to.
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