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Default Re: Hey, Seattle fans...don't know if you heard but....

Originally Posted by Kaish15
Hey, I know the feeling well. I live near Seattle and all I heard was comments like

"the worse refs in the NFL"
"Steelers cheated"
"Wonder how Steeler fans feel knowing they cheated"
"The Qurterback didn't get in the endzone." - Hear about this the most.

I got to listen to this all day and am mighty sick of it. I was disgusted with the Seahawks fans before the Super Bowl, but am even more so now. Everyone thinks that the refs favored the Steelers, but they reversed the fumble call that would of gotten us the ball. How is that favoring us? I can't wait till all this complaining is over
Won't be long man, Seattle has a weak football community, I talked to one of my Seattle buddies on the phone today and he said the same thing, in a few days, everyone will move on and it won't be a big deal.
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