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Default Re: real steelers bar in denver

seen this on a bronco's board...

To give everyone an a small example of the huge Steeler fan base... my co-worker here in Tennessee, Shawn Kennedy, is the president and founder of a Pittsburgh Steeler fan club named the Steel City Mafia. What started out as a small group of Steeler fans in Tennessee, has now grown into the most prominent Steeler fan club in America. Each year, they travel to see several games across the country. This weekend, he is flying to Denver to host a Steelers fan club party on Sunday afternoon at the Rusty Bucket in Lakewood. At these functions, several Steeler fans travel to the game, and meet for an event the day before the game. Each of these dinners are attended by a special guest from the Steeler family. John "Frenchy" Fuqua will be the special guest this Sunday night in Denver at the Steel City Mafia dinner. Fuqua is the guy whose back was hit during the "Immaculate Reception". The ball hit Fuqua's back, then was scooped up by Franco Harris.
The afternoon party featuring Steeler fans and Fuqua starts Sunday afternoon at the Rusty Bucket. This is the event that I thought should be invaded by Broncos fans. Nothing confrontational, or course. Nothing comes from those actions. However, if I wasn't in Tennessee, I would be one member of a large organized gathering of Bronco fans dressed in Bronco attire at the Rusty Bucket.
It just seems wrong for this type of organized event to be held publically in the Denver area. At a minimum, Bronco fans should appear to be united, offended, and the Steel City Mafia's visit should be less than comfortable. Can you imagine their faces when they realize their plans have been publically unveiled on Bronco Country, and Broncos fans have united to invade? Take pictures please!!

There is a bar in Littleton called the Rusty Bucket, off like 285 and Wads there. It is a cool little Cowboy-ish bar that is a Steelers bar. I didn't know about it til I got there, and I was wearing a Black Ed Reed jersey (Bronco fan, jersey collector) and I got mean mugged til everyone got drunk and started singing, cool bar tho, wonder what it will be like that night...anyone been there?

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