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Default Re: Steelers Nation in Ocean City, MD

I think that's awesome. I miss Ocean City, MD - that's my old summer stomping grounds! (that and North Carolina). I always had a blast there. It's nice to hear all the Steelers love too. Especially with OC only being approx. 2.5 hours or less from Baltimore. I get to see a few Steelers fans here and there while living here in Alabama. Oddly enough after game one day my boyfriend and I had to make a trip to Target - while near the pharmacy I heard a lady yell... "WHO WON THE GAME?!?!?" I told her we did and she cheered apparently she was a transplanted Steelers fan as well and said she rarely sees people in Steelers gear. :) Made me smile.

P.S. Ravens fans HATE Steelers fans EVERYWHERE... I'm SO over it.
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