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Default Re: Anybody else gonna catch Star Wars this weekend ?

I just got back from seeing Episode III.. Im still in awe, shock, and completely moved.. and yes Im talking about star wars. Being a fan of star wars for as long as I can remember, Ive been waiting for this for so long! Everything is now tied together and the saga is complete.
Im telling you, this flick was nothing short of a moving experience. As the theater let out when it was over, the majority of those that saw it today were silent and seemed to be as moved as I was. The life's lessons that are learned in a series like this are so true.. the choices we make by those we allow to influence us, can dictate our life path; and if we arent careful, send us down paths we never thought we'd follow.

The special effects were unparalled, the characters, the history, it was all well worth every penny I paid for the tickets and yeah, I'll see it again before it leaves the theaters. There were so many great parts of the movie, its impossible to point them all out in post, and besides my hands would probably fall off if I tried. The light saber battles were amazing, the fact that Windu had Lord Sidious right where he wanted him, and could have killed him, had it not been for Skywalker, Obie Wan's final battle w/ skywalker, all were outstanding.

In case you havent noticed by now,I watch movies in general and star wars in particular, for what they are, I dont read into them on how this could have been better, or that could never happen, or that character sucked, etc. I take them for what they are and just enjoy the moments spent watching them, and what it's meant to me being a fan. I dont get all caught up in movie reviews and why critics think it was great or it stunk. That's the whole joy of experiencing the movies,and being a part of something as historical as star wars has been all this time.

Yeah, all that may sound alittle crazy and far fetched when your talking about a sci fi series.. but trust me, those that have followed star wars can hold their heads high and be proud to have gone to see and been part of history, the final piece in the saga that has influenced so many in countless ways throughout our lives is now complete.

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