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Default Re: Lets rate ABC!!!!

Originally Posted by shevdog
As much as I do not like Madden calling games, since he speaks in terms of a moron, he was actually good for an audience like this. All the once-a-year viewers can get their "Intro to the Obvious of Football" from Madden. So in that regard it was good for those fan. Other than that, the annoucing sucked. If ever there was a way to get the internet streaming of WDVE in realtime with TV, that would forever rock!
I really feel Michaels is overrated, uses too many cliches, and of course is ant-Steeler. He still feeds of off his Lake Placid Team 1980 USA Hockey announcing

Madden still whines about the "Immaculate Reception" and we all know how he feels about the Steelers !

And both of them "jump on the bandwagon" of the winning team when the game is decided.

You are 120% correct - nothing beats hearing Bill Hillgrove & Tunch Ilkin with their call of the game. In fact I went out to and listened to the radio highlights. Almost wish I could here Mryon as well !

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