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Default Re: Is This What The Ring Will Look Like?

Originally Posted by Portland Hawk Fan
We know who dominated that game. I have ZERO respect for that punkassed team called the Stealers- none whatsoever. I pray the NFL sends you biatches to Seattle in game one. We almost paralyzed Randel El last night- next time he dies.

Why hasn't no-show Porter called the refs out yet?

Real mature....... You sure are giving your fellow Seahawk fans something to be proud of, you big freakin' crybaby!!!

Why is this moron still allowed to post on this site after insinuating that his team will kill another teams player. Are death threats something we want to allow on this site?
I don't personally want to see this site, which I have found to be a truely great site, turn into yet another BB filled with nothing but a bunch of kids or immature adults who can't have a descent conversation and only try to cause trouble.


EDIT: It wasn't until after I posted this reply that I saw he was banned. Thank you mods!!!

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