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Default Damn it!!! Ref talk getting me down...

Total noob to the forums but thought I'd come here to pick up my spirits. I'm a diehard steelerfan living in neb. and I have absolutely no friends that are steelerfans so they are constantly giving me shit about the game. I got to say, to go through the third, second and first seeds the way the steelers did and not just winning them but making a statement by dominating makes me just freakin hate how the superbowl went. I wanted a dominant performance and for big Ben to have the game that he's been having throughout the playoffs. Do I think the refs won it for pittsburgh? HELL NO!!! Pittsburgh came up with the big plays and capitalized on seattle's mistakes. I think the ball crossed the goallne by about an inch and how it was called on the field (touchdown) there was just no indisputable evidence to overturn it. Was that a pass interference? Going be the rules, yep. Maybe ticky tack but a pushoff non the less. Was that a holding call? I got to say seeing it in real time my reaction was "holyshit, that guy just tackled him". Seeing it in replay, quite honestly It could go either way. Plays like that happen all the time, some get called and some don't. Heard something said on Rome today, "the best team won, but the team that played the best didn't" I bleed black and gold but all this ref talk is pissin me off... end of rant!!
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