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Default Re: The pass interference penalty in the endzone...

Originally Posted by ColoradoSteelerFan
Just watched this gem again.

First...the ref was right on top of the play. Jackson and Hope were right in front of the referee. As Jackson not only made contact with Hope, but had to extend his arm to do it. In addition, not only was the contact more than incidental, Hope's forward progress not only stopped, but Hope actually jumped back slightly.

As Dan Patrick mentioned today on his show....the referees attended training before the season and were told that they were to call offensive pass interference on the receiver when they made contact in a manner designed to create space between the defender and themselves to catch the pass. Jackson extended his arm, made much more than incidental contact and that contact created enough space to assure he was able to catch the ball.

Sorry Seahawk fan.....that's pass interference. It is the way the refs have been told to call it. Don't like it, get the NFL to change the rule.

The ONLY call that appears questionable after looking this officiating angle over all friggin' day long is the low block 15 yard penalty on Hasselbeck after Taylor's INT. As I stated me ONE NFL game all year in which an officiating call could not be questioned.
I didn't know the defender is allowed to grab the reciever's arm? If you are gonna call it offensive, call it defensive too, or don't call it at all. (I just saw this in the video I seen on

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