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Default Re: LeBron James plans to change jersey number...

Originally Posted by MACH1 View Post
Tell me that after he scores 81 in a game.
There's more to basketball than just scoring.

To go back through the history of these posts:

One poster compares Lebron in his 5th/6th season to Kobe in his 5th/6th season...and the counter argument to that is to compare Lebron last year to Kobe last year (despite the 5+ year difference in the NBA).

Kobe has played with better teammates.

Larry Hughes was a bust of a signing.
Boozer was a talented bonehead.
Shaq is waaay past his is Z.
Delonte is now a headcase (and last year, he was the Cavs best player not named Lebron).
Mo Williams disappeared in the playoffs (not just Orlando). No matter how good he was last season, he didn't come close to matching that performance when it counted.
Parker/Moon are on the wrong side of 30...and had already shown decline when they were brought in.
Ben Wallace is a former DPoY...but he hardly played like it last year...even when he was healthy. His defense was not good enough to make up for his lack of an offensive game.
Varejao is a pretty decent and very active player, but hardly on the same level as Pau Gasol, who is a true All-Star caliber player.

Kobe plays with better talent, period.

If Kobe and Lebron were removed from the Lakers (this year and last)

Bynum (when healthy) is better than Shaq or Z.
Gasol is better than any Cavs Big. It's not even close.
Lamar Odom is better than any Cavs bench player. Better than some of our starters too.
Ariza is not better than West...but West is undersized and Orlando was able to exploit that matchup. Artest is better than West.
Fisher is not better than Williams, but in the playoffs, Fisher stepped up, Mo hid.

If Bynum is out, starting lineups would look sth like:



Varejao (or even Hickson, since he seems to be getting the starts lately)

Who here really believes that Cleveland would win with that lineup? Williams barely made the All-Star Roster...after a couple of other guys were injured and couldn't play in the game...which lets you know what the rest of the league really believes of him.

I'd take Lebron who (despite playing with Lottery team level of talent) has always tried to include his teammates...always looked to make the smart basketball play (drive to the hoop and kick it out to the wide open shooters). As opposed to the guy who scores 81. Kobe is a great player, just doesn't play my preferred style of basketball. Kobe has always had better talent than Lebron...especially in his championship years. Unless of course you believe the team above would really make any noise in the playoffs.
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