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Default Brady12's "Best Chances" to go to Miami, RIGHT NOW.

Just a little something I thought I'd put on here, this is in my opinion who the teams are that have the best chances of going to Miami in 07 for Super Bowl XLI. After Free Agency, and the draft etc. is over, I'll be doing another one. If you need any explanation on why I have someone where they are, please ask. From 32 - 1:

32. San Francisco (What else can be said, worst team in the league right now)
31. Oakland (Moss isn't helping, you have to throw to him)
30. Detroit (No where near SB with Harrington, and the other "losers")
29. Houston (Will have a better record, but no where near Super Bowl)
28. New Orleans (Back at home might help ni standings, but still far from Super Bowl)
27. Buffalo (Only see them going down)
26. Cleveland (Frye starting at QB?)
25. Tennessee (Another bad season, I don't see them doing any better)
24. New York Jets (Mangini? He needs betetr players than what there is now)
23. Minnesota (Yeah, Culpepper will be back, but that is not the lone troubles here)
22. Baltimore (Another mediocre season, get a new QB, or work hard on Boller)
21. Arizona (Not far away from playoffs, won't be next year though)
20. Dallas (Might slip, with Bledsoe)
19. Green Bay (I doubt they will have this kind of chance, but I had to put them somewhere)
18. Chicago (Moved down, I don't think they will do as well)
17. Philadelphia (McNabb and everyone else back, still have a decent team)
16. St.Louis (Bulger will be back)
15. Jacksonville (Not meant to be in the playoffs, gotta work hard)
14. Atlanta (Get Vick to be more effective than just running, and work on the defense)
13. Washington (Not a bad year, may not have this good a chance after Draft/FA)
12. New York Giants (Gotta work on Eli, and the defense)
11. Miami (Look at their last half of the season, and you can only wonder what could've been)
10. Tampa Bay (Gruden will have these guys going with Griese)
9. Kansas City (Not sure about Herm, but shouldbe good)
8. San Diego (Pretty good team, barely missed playoffs)
7. Denver (Close this year, close next year?)
6. Carolina (Great team, need to work on a few things)
5. Indianapolis (Don't see them doing as well next season)
4. Seattle (Got to the big dance, keep roughly the same team, and have a big year)
3. Cincinnati (Solid team going, could've eben dangerous if Palmer was healthy)
2. New England (Gonna have Harrison back, Brady's weak side back, it's up to FA)

And Finally...
1. Pittsburgh (Super Bowl Champions, can't change this until further notice.)
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