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Default Re: Anyone else find themselves rooting for Iowa?

Originally Posted by Hotrodder07 View Post
I'm pretty sure that back in the late 70s, they decided to get new uniforms, and they got permission from Art Rooney and the Steelers to use theirs. I heard the coach said "If we want to act like winners, we have to look like winners." Don't know if it's true, but that's what a friend of mine told me.

Pretty flattering.
That is exactly right. The first thing coach Hayden Fry did when he got to Iowa was change the uniforms, and paint the visitors locker room pink. He did ask permission from The Chief, and graciously got it. From that day the Hawkeye's and the Steelers history has been a part of each others.

We might have done better if we had not lost our starting QB the last game, but all and all I am real happy with this year.

Simply, The Chief.
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