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Default Re: Damn it!!! Ref talk getting me down...

Originally Posted by Sleepless In Seattle
I am with you brother. I live out here also and these bastards have been trying to put a damper on Our Championship. I just want to celebrate but everytime I watch tv, go outside or listen to the radio some Hawk fan is complaining?!?! LET IT GO!!!! I am going to read a book now......
OK, here's what you do.....

Go outside, take a deep breath, and YELL at the top of your lungs, STEELERS....ONE FOR THE THUMB BABY!!!!!

It's only a little after 11:00....

This will do two things for you.....

1. Give you great release and let everyone know where your loyalties lie.
2. Convince all of your neighbors that you are a little whacky, and a Steeler fan, and that they should never mess with you again!!!

Hang in there everyone.....soon all of this crap will be gone, and we will STILL HAVE THE TROPHY AND THE ONE FOR THE THUMB!!!
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