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Default Let the Officials officiate

"Let the players play the game," an announcer gripes. Sure, but I say let's add this: "Let the Officials officiate!"

I believe one way for the NFL to stop the outcries of football fans across the nation on so-called "bad calls" by the Officials is to stop the telecast commentators' rambling, often-times mis-guided speculations when a flag is thrown. Sometimes they are not even sure what the official rule is and they go off speculating on the potential ruling.

Perhaps the NFL doesn't realize this, but the commentators' comments and reactions have an even greater influence on the television/radio audience than actual slowmotion replays. The average fan watches a replay with total bias and without the benefit of personal experience as a coach/player in the NFL. More than most have probably never even played a single organized officiated game in their entire lives. I dare to presume that not a single commentor watches that same replay with a single *day* of actual NFL officiating experience, and we all know for a fact that the commentator is not down on the field and in the field of play. Yet what he says while we watch the Slow-Mo Zapruder of the flagged play is highly influential.

Live television and radio annoucers/commentators/analysts/play covers/pundits/etc. should let the Officials officiate the game. Period.

If they must continue these speculations, for nationally televised games especially, the networks should, at the very least, complement the announcers' booth with an actual retired (or at least fully officially trained) NFL Official.
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