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Default Re: Damn it!!! Ref talk getting me down...

Well this may make you fill a little better; you see how their coach Holmgren and the Seahsqawks fans are behaving after this SB loss. Can you just imagine how they would have conducted themselves if they would have won?

The best team and the best fans won that game there is no doubt in my mind, I think the Seattle fans should look back at this as a learning experience. They need to learn how to be better fans and support there team, their coach needs to learn how to conduct himself with some class and take reasonability for his part in the loss and show some class afterwards. Hell his own family was not even there to support him or the team, Cowers family was there you can bet money they would have put off any plans they had for one week.

I think that the Seattle organization really needs to look inward and stop making excuses. First off learn how to support your team. I mean all I hear is how the Seahawks had to play in an arena full of Steeler fans, whose fault is that? Last time I checked Detroit is only a few hour plane ride form any major city in the continental US. Then I read how Seattle fans were selling there tickets to steeler fans on eBay’s; again I ask you do you think any real steeler fan would give up their tickets for anything? Hell no they would not.

More importantly I think the Seattle Organization needs to learn how to conduct themselves with some class and dignity after a tuff loss. Don't blame the refs, the media, or that that the steeler fans showed up to support their team, look inside and learn how to be a better team for next year.

I think your team played one hell of a game and you should be proud of that, now stop crying and learn how to support them if they make it to the big game next year.

Fan Lesson number #1

Do not let Martha Stewart represent your team in any pregame media events, I was stunned watching hear in her Seahawk jersey surrounded by Seahawk fans, explaining how to make the perfect game treats and how to color coordinate for the game, I mean common this football not tennis. I almost choked on my beer on that one.

X -Holmgren Fan No excuse for after the game behavior, none.

X- Bradshaw Fan No excuse not to be there for his team and the Burgh.

I agree with Casteel, Go outside, take a deep breath, and YELL at the top of your lungs, STEELERS....ONE FOR THE THUMB BABY!!!!!


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