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Default Re: get lendale white

I agree that he would be a great addition. White is the type of back that better represents our overall mentality of tough football. He is more the up the gut type runner. You know when you tackle him just like Bettis. Willie is a great back and I think the pair would make a great tandem.

But we need to see to other aspects of the game. If the salary cap forces some losses (i.e. Randel El) we may need those draft picks to fill the gaps.

Don’t forget about our offensive line, our center Jeff H. isn’t exactly young.

Finally our last to top draft picks were offensive players.
I think we can all agree it wasn’t the offence that won XL.
Maybe we should look to our secondary, or the DL.
I'm just talking it's early and I haven’t taken a good look at the draft class.
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