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Default Re: Ohio State Football Thread

I'd much rather see a two loss OSU or LSU in a big bowl game than a no loss TCU or Boise...they just don't play the schedule to warrant that kind of recognition...and as long as things stand the way they are, that will not change.

In fact, I'm looking at Cinci's schedule and they haven't beat anybody either.

TCU's signature win was against overrate overrated Utah.
Boise's against inconsistent Oregon.

And the rest of the schedule of those three teams was laughable. There are only about 4-5 "quality wins" amongst 36 games...that's not BCS worthy....

As far as the Iowa game, Tressel played Tressel ball...except this time it worked. ULTRA-conservative, run the ball, play good ST, and play solid defense.

That frosh QB looks like he has a bright future, though...and whoever that freshman left tackle is, he is going to be a STUD. He held his own against Heyward as good as any tackles all year. He may look good in the B&G some day....
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