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Default Re: LeBron James plans to change jersey number...

Originally Posted by revefsreleets View Post
Aha...lured back in again.

Not me.

No on retiring #23 unless you retire Bird and Magic's #'s too...
And that would set up a whole mess of confusion as well. Probably the biggest difference in the whole Bird/Magic era to the MJ era is that MJ didn't have his Bird/Magic to compete against. There just wasn't anybody there that he could compete against individually. Then, there was this void after MJ left that couldn't be filled by one or two people. It took Kobe a couple of years to get going...and the Jordan "Image" was so huge, that nobody could live up to it. At least now, there's the Kobe/Lebron thing. Wade (if he remains healthy this year) will be back in that picture and Howard is another young player with huge upside. CP3 is considered an elite player...and Melo appears to be moving up the charts now that Denver is looking relevant.

MJ just played in an era (essentially) alone...and while some of that did have to do with his own greatness, I think that if Kobe/Lebron had come into the league when MJ did...there'd be less talk about retiring his number...because he would have legit competition for being the #1 player in his era.
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