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Default Re: Who is No. 1 @ running back next year? Right one.

Willie is a good back. I think eveyone forgets what he looked like in the first couple of weeks. Go back and watch some of the Replays on On-Demand on the NFL Network if you can. He looked a lot better, I think the season took a toll on him. But he's only going to get better and stronger. There is only a couple of running backs in this draft that have more upside than Willie does. The steelers also have more pressing needs that I think they need to address in the first round.

Bottom line with Duce and Willie they at least have a couple of years until they get another franchise back(if willie doesn't get better)... I would like to see Willie start but also be the 3rd down back. I would like to see them spell him with Duce like the did Jerome and maybe even take more of a load off him to keep him fresh for 3rd down. That is assuming that Veron Haynes wants to much and is let go.

Did anyone see Haynes at the parade today? That's not a good sign?
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