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Default Re: Danica near NASCAR deal

Ok, ok. my bad. I used indy car as a general term, and decent is MY opinion, but that doesn't change my point of bringing Montoya into the conversation... To demonstrate the difficulties he went through. Not only the diving skill differences, but the simple fact that he was a repected open wheel driver that basically got slammed by drivers and fans for coming to NASCAR. Although, I would argue he was even a better driver at the time of his transition than Danica, he still didn't get the other "drivers" respect for quite some time. Nobody would run with him... and he was a guy.

Believe me, there's going to be plenty of "the little lady want's to race stock cars, huh" attitudes to contend with. And it won't be me sayin' it.

"Before you can win a game, you have to not lose it." -- Chuck Noll
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