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Default Re: Let the Officials officiate

Originally Posted by ZornToLargent
This thread would have a grain of merit if this has been a Super Bowl problem of years past....but it has never been like this before.....for the fact that the officiating has never been this poor as it was this year. According to you, we should all just keep quiet and not hold the officials accountable for their actions?? And after that Steelers Colts'd think the Steelers Nation would have a completely different opinion. You are just sad because the Super Bowl you just won is being tainted by bad press on the refs. But, if the refs were that bad (and they were), this needs to be discussed and looked at for the better of the NFL....sorry.
Bad officiating is nothing new. This isn't something that just became a problem this year. And I don't think the Super Bowl calls were all THAT bad. A few of them were questionable, but nothing that was indisputably bad.

However, bad officiating been an issue for many many seasons now. Football is probably the most complicated major sport out there. We need full time officials. I dont care if they only work one game a week. The rest of the time they can study the game, study the rules so they won't have to consult the rule book every time something unusual happens. They will still make mistakes and they will still have to make questionable calls, but if the officials are full time, perhaps they will be able to foster a good reputation. And the next time they have to make a questionable call, fewer people will cry, "we were robbed!"
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