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Default Holmgren sucks!

I am sick of Holmrens whining about the refs! Quit trying to steal our glory! T\

Three things for Mike and the Seahawks fans.

First off Ben was in the endzone, thats what it says in the stats, we got 6 points for it, so now its written in stone.
But if Ben would have been ruled not in, we would have went for it and got it on fourth down. Its over, get over it! Nothing is going to change!

The refs always suck! Nothing changes! I agree with the refs bad calls Sunday, especially the two big ones.
1. Jeremy Stevens had a catch, took at least three steps, and drop the ball. Before we picked it ip the ref blew his whistle. And he called it know catch! BULLSHIT! We couldn`t review because he blew the whistle before we picked it up!
2. On Bens inteception, he got clearly blocked in the back! No call. what &^%(%(%(^%! Refs suck, Jolmgrens right, we should have won by 18, they suck! Did I say that they suck! Oh yeah they suck! Its a conspiracy! They suck!
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