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Default Re: bill cowhers "who dey..." chant at the parade

Speaking as a STEELER fan formerly from PA now living in cincy, I've heard that it might have stemmed from all of the trash talking the Bengals gave after they won in Pitt this year and also before the playoff game. The players even made a video with it. In any case, you can't believe all of the whinning going on here about it. Of course they haven't stopped since the playoff game! ( intentional hit on Palmer, Cowher ordered it, Kimmo the assasin, etc etc). Personally I enjoyed greatly what Cowher did. They made the issue of WHO DEY (especially with the video). He simply answered the question...WE DEY!!! I know that some of the STEELER hangouts here have had tshirts printed with WE DEY on them and they're selling out!
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