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Default Re: bill cowhers "who dey..." chant at the parade

This has really been bugging me since the parade yesterday and I'm glad someone started a thread about it.

I'm a HUGE Steelers fan and I have the utmost respect and admiration for Coach Cowher, but what he did yesterday embarrassed himself and I feel the organization/city as a whole.

From the first time I heard the Bengals "Who Dey?" chant, I ranked it as maybe the lamest rallying cry ever, perhaps only surpassed by "Cowboy Up!".

Standing in the middle of that crowd yesterday, hearing our city do it not once, but multiple times led by our head coach saddened me. There was no reason for it. Of all the playoff victories, I rank the Bengals as the least important. Why even acknowledge thier existence on such an important day for the Steelers?

To me this is no better than the pathetic New England fans chanting "Yankees Suck" at the Patriots celebrations.

And oh by the way, the Porter led "Who Ride?" sing-a-long was almost just as bad, and apparently that's a Steelers thing. Ugh.
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