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Default Re: You had me feeling sorry for you???

Da Bears needs to chill out. Pittsburgh rolled through the NFC North, the top-three seeds in the AFC, and they held the NFL MVP to under 100 yards and kept him out of the endzone. I'm wondering, did the refs put the fear of the big hit in to the hearts of Seahawks receivers and, especially, that scared, soft tight end? If I were Da Bears, either the poster or the team, I think I would worry more about why the team got smoked by a wideout who everybody and their mothers knew was going to get the ball thrown his way and less about the five-time World Champion Pittsburgh Steelers. As for what the team has done lately, I think the answer is lose consistently and puke away the few postseason opportunities they've gotten. Go eat a sausage, Da Bears, and leave the football commentary to folks who know what they're talking about. Don't hate our team 'cause they win...Hate 'em because their blow your franchise out of the water. Go shovel some snow, Grabowski.
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