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Default Re: You had me feeling sorry for you???

Originally Posted by Da Bears
Why? I have no idea. You guys are a pathetic bunch of cry babies. You are all riding the Seahawks when they are the ones that got the official shafting. The Hawks are not saying anything about you guys just the officials. I`m soory to even say Pittsburgh still has a football team, Lombardi is rolling over in his grave knowing what you guys are saying and doing. You guys won and still can`t stop complaining. Use your little towel to wipe those tears and become men.
Are you stupid?? Seriuosly if you have some kind of handicap that we should know about, let us know!
By them crying about the refs, NON FRIGGIN STOP, it takes a way from a Super Bowl victory! Thats all the sports shows are talking about.

After the game cry about the refs!
Maybe Monday. But Tues and now Wed! Give me a break, nothing is going to change! The refs blew two plays! The block in the back against Ben after the int,
and the Stevens fumble when t he ref blew the whistle to early
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