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First up, cgesolo that is a fantastic piece of video footage - I love the descriptors and highlighted contraversial parts.

Here is my 2 cents on the footage.

Section 1 - Holding

Agree 100% on this call - that was definite holding - Haggans had him beat all ends up.

Section 2 - Holding

I have major reservations about this call. I know it certainly looks correct on the replay but you have to take account of Farriors low posture.

You can clearly see that on impact Farriors knees are very bent - therefore the O-lineman is planting his hands where Farriors chest pad would normally be but in this instance they go over his shoulders and around the neck.

Section 3 - Offensive Pass Interference

Another excellent call by the official.

I think the fact that he threw the flag late made alot of people suspicious - but your video clearly shows him going for the flag straight away but fumbling it.

Section 4 - Ben TD

This has been one of the most contraversial calls for me.

Ref gets this all wrong - he gives the TD for all the wrong reasons.

His body language shows he is not sure if Ben got in and is signalling the player down - next thing we know he gets a clear look at the ball in the endzone - after ben loses control and fumbles it then pushes it way over the line - and he is signalling TD.

This was an awful call - id call it a homer call due to the pressure of the Steeler crowd, maybe Ben is in - but there is no way that the ref can see this 1/18th of an inch cross the goaline - I have seen numerous slow-mo frame-by-frame replays and still cannot be sure.

How can a ref be sure at game speed?

Section 5 - Holding on Kick

Cannot make a call on this one.

Section 6 - Offsides Haggans

This is very blatant offsides.

Both Haggans and Hampton are in the neutral zone before the ball is snapped.

This call looks worse on replay than it did in real time.

Hampton cannot move before the ball is snapped - he got a jump on the centre - it is the snap of the ball that determines the offside status of haggans - not the position of Hampton.

Terrible call.

Section 6b - Holding

Its holding for sure - but if Haggans hadnt had such a head start then the lineman would not have found himself in such a bad position.

The bottom line here is that Seattle gets punished twice for a Steeler offence - and a blatant one at that.

Section 7 - Offsides Haggans

I will give haggans the benefit of the doubt on this one - very close but I think he got it just perfect.

Section 8 - Horse Collar Porter

This is a blatant horsecollar tackle right in front of the sidelines.

Porter leaves the ground whilst holding on to the shoulder pads of Alexander until he has hit the ground.

Terrible call.

Section 9 - Low Block

Wow, where to start?

For a start the tackle is on the ball carrier not a blocker and it is totally legit.

This last series of calls totally derailed any chance the Seahawks had of getting back into the game.

They should have been 1st and goal at the 1 or 2 - instead they are 3rd and long and throwing an interception.

As if that isn't bad enough then an extra 15 yards is tacked onto the Steeler field position for a nonsense blocking call on Hasselbeck.

Again superb footage - but I cannot see how anyone could not agree with at least a few of my points.

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