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Default Re: bill cowhers "who dey..." chant at the parade

Originally Posted by Livinginthe past
I should have known you would need this explaining to you, Stalker.

If you call someone a lowdown dirty rat, it doesn't automatically mean that there is such thing as a highup dirty rat.

It also doesnt mean that there is such a thing as a lowdown hygenically impressive rat either.

Surely you understand enough about the English language to know that you cant just substitute the opposite meaning of a word at the beginning of a descriptive phrase and expect it to make any sense?

I just thought of another example to help you.

If I was to call you a cheapshot, desperate Stalker - it doesnt mean that their is such a thing as a cheap shot, rational Stalker....ok?

By the way - its an accepted fact that you don't really talk football - only lame smack.

You are such a fool! You were the one that said cowher was giving "extra motivation" to the Bengals! Yep, you know your football!

Low rent means what section 8? "highup dirty rat"!!!!! You are such an idiot!!!

You crack me up!!!!!!!!!
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