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Default Re: bill cowhers "who dey..." chant at the parade

Originally Posted by Livinginthe past
Show me where Belichick did it?

Show me where any recent Patriots coach did it?

You cant Tony.

I know you cant.

This was about how coaches should be above petty needling of opposition - stick to the topic.

Think before you post.

nice joey porter reference, then. maybe its belichicks fault for not sending cowher the manual he wrote on how to properly celebrate a sb win at a parade. get real and get your head out of the clouds. why dont you show me where belichick has played professional football and has engaged in the type of bravado that goes on in the locker room that may inspire a little smack or ribbing. its 2 different coaching styles. while you think yours is perfect and the benchmark, cowher is a players coach who doesnt rule with an iron fist. he has much personality and he likes to have fun. he doesnt force his players to behave and act the way he does. and he doesnt try to create little cowher robots.

you think cowher is scared of firing up the bengals? or upsetting marvin lewis? maybe marvin can pin "we dey" up in the locker room right next to chad johnsons list and still photos of their "rap/funk" video. lol
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