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Default Re: bill cowhers "who dey..." chant at the parade

Originally Posted by bigbensgirl7
If you live in or around Cincinnati...Who Dey is all you hear these days!!! I for one thought it was hilarious when Bill did that...because he is simply awnsering the question they were asked time and time again.....WE DEY BABY!!!!!!!
AFCN Champs < SUPER BOWL CHAMPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I truly think that people who live outside of this area can't fully understand how obnoxious these Bengal fans have been with the who dey bit, especially toward STEELER fans. I have been rather low key about the whole WE DEY thing personally but after all the *stuff* going on around here in this past week, I think I'll go get me my own WE DEY shirt! In other words, I couldn't agree more! WE DEY BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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