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Default Re: Steelers vs. Ravens Game Day Thread - 11/29/09

Originally Posted by Kvnfaber View Post
Did you not see the jump cut that Ray Rice did to get the first down in OT? They replayed it and commented on it. Two Steelers LB's were clearly plugging the hole and about to hit him. It's just a great play by a great running back. There is a difference between lack of effort and giving it all you've got when running on fumes after 65+ minutes of football.

There were multiple plays where the lack of effort was apparent on that drive.

Sorry if I offended anyone, the namecalling was just me being emotional, and I stand by what I said.

But that doesn't mean I'm a bandwagon fan, I want this team to succeed as much as anyone and I believe in this team probably more than most people do.

I was just really set off by their effort on that final possession and I thought it was clear as day how bad it was. Guess not.

That doesn't mean I'm writing off the season or anything like some people are, and I think our defensive personnel and playcalling on both ends is, for the most part, fine. I thought Dixon played great and I enjoyed some of the plays the defense made when things looked grim.

I'm not too disappointed in the L, I'm just disappointed in the players on the field for those few running plays,.
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