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Default Re: Steelers vs. Ravens Game Day Thread - 11/29/09

Originally Posted by SmashmouthFootball View Post
Their play on those final run plays was the effort of a bunch of pathetic losers with no heart.

Like I said, it's probably because the pick already basically ended the game so they just mailed it in, I just have a huge problem with that and find conceding 17 yards of free field goal range to Ray Rice was horrible.

They screwed up at the end of regulation, but at least they put the effort in and made them kick a field goal to tie it. They wilted a bit in OT, but they pinned their ears back and gave it all they had.

They were given the short end of a stick after the pick and they quit. I don't care how bad a team is, if the effort is there I'm generally satisfied, but the effort on those final plays was crap and they deserved to be called out for giving up. That's not the mentality of champions.

I think we're going to make the playoffs. I think we'll beat the rat0birds next time out and I think we will have a strong playoff run if healthy, and I can't wait to watch the team the rest of the way, but that final "possession" by Baltimore was the worst thing I've seen from this team the entire year.
We can agree on that.

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