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Default Re: Steelers vs. Ravens Game Day Thread - 11/29/09

Wow. What a pathetic game.

I understand that we were without Ben, Troy, and Kemoeatu, but that isn't what cost us the game tonight. Poor coaching and execution from players that we rely on regardless of anyone else's health were to blame tonight. Dixon's interception may have done us in for good, but why was Arians keeping the handcuffs on him so much? Instead of rolling him out and letting him make plays, we tried to rely on our running game, which hasn't been consistently effective since 2004. Every time the guy moved out of the pocket, he made a play. Unfortunately, a lot of them won't ever show up on a stat sheet, because our actual starters ****ed up. His 30+ yard scramble was brought back thanks to Hartwig's holding, his touchdown pass that Wallace dropped in the endzone, his 20 yard pass to Santonio on 3rd and 18 that was brought back because of Mwelde's hold. Seriously, can we find a HB that can pick up Ray Lewis on a blitz?

And that was just the offense. Thank god all of the penalties the Ravens had on their special teams, otherwise our special teams would have looked as pathetic as they have all year. William Gay needs to be replaced. The guy plays several yards off of every receiver he covers, he still gets burned deep, and he can't even come up and make a tackle in space. The guy can't do anything, why is he still starting? How many games has it been now that the defense has blown a 4th quarter lead? This is dating all the way back to the Super Bowl, this defense can't get off the field on 3rd down and can't put a damn game away. A lot of that can be contributed to Troy I guess, but that excuse is about as applicable as blaming it on the absence of Aaron Smith. Either way we're going to need to win without both of those guys if we want to make the playoffs.

I don't want my first post here to be all negative though. At least Timmons showed a lot of promise tonight. The guy is a beast and was making plays all over the field. Dixon looked great when given a chance to do something, and Santonio is still a playmaker. This team is still a contender if they can will themselves into the playoffs, they just went into overtime with the Ravens without their most important player on both sides of the ball, and their remaining schedule will certainly give them the inside lane towards the playoffs. Positives other than that... it's always nice to see Hines carry Ed Reed with the ball for about 10 yards, and Tomlin's beard was looking good as usual.
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