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Default Re: Steelers vs. Ravens Game Day Thread - 11/29/09

Originally Posted by sharkweek View Post
Dixon might have thrown another INT at the end of the first half... you dolts never give up with your BS 20-20 hind sight do you

if it wasn't for our D getting out played, Dixon and the O did their part to win the game
Wait ... so let me get this straight ... you're speculating about what might have happened, and then in the same sentence, criticizing me for using hindsight? Really? I mean, not just in the same post, but in the same sentence? I just want to be sure that's what you meant to do. Was that it? Because I was pretty sure you just called me stupid and then turned around did the exact same thing you were calling stupid. Just to be perfectly clear, you know.

Fact is, if you're going to speculate that "playing it safe" on that possession was "the right thing to do," all you're saying is you had no faith in the offense, period. Which doesn't really jive with what you said about the offense doing their part and the defense screwing it up. So which is it?

You ask me, we basically forfeited three or four possessions tonight with ultra-conservative playcalling, which is just as good as a turnover or two. Especially if, as you say, the defense blew it for us.
"An empty victory is a victory nonetheless."
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