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Default Re: Holmgren sucks!

Just wanna chime in and correct a couple of misconceptions about Holmgren before everyone has him burning in Hades...

1. Holmgren DID look for Cowher at the end of the game, but both coaches went to the wrong 25 yard line. By the time they realized the other one was on the other side of the field, the losing team and coaches were being escorted off to prepare for the victory rally. Holmgren then waited in the tunnel until Cowher came off the field, and shook his hand then.

2. Holmgren's speech did NOT center around the game's paycheck of $70,000. This is an internet rumor that got started on gameday and has passed through a lot of message boards. I believe it first appeared in an editorial column somewhere Sunday evening.

3. Holmgren has only made ONE comment about the officiating since the game, and that was when he told the crowd at the Seattle rally that he didn't think the Seahawks would have to battle against the men in stripes (in addition to Steelers). That was IT! Considering how controversial a lot of people think the officiating was, I think Holmgren and the rest of the team has done a stand-up job of not making a big deal out of it.

You guys can hate on Mike Holmgren all you want, but I just want to make sure it's not for the wrong reasons!
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