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Default Chad Johnson's predictions...

"Finally, make a bold prediction for 2005.

Johnson: The Bengals are going to the playoffs, and for me it will be the same as it is every year: I won't be stopped."

What do you guys think???

I think they could possibly have a chance to make it in as a wild card...but another 8-8 season isn't going to cut it. They would have to pick up thier game and learn how to play for an entire 60 min. I don't know though. Every year I hear how they have made such an improvement and that this year will be the year they make it into the post season. But shouldn't they just shoot for a winning season for once!!!

I also found this a little funny
but I wouldn't excpet any less from good old Boomer. I think it's so funny how much the guy hates us!!! I'll give Palmer credit, he is an up and coming qb in the league...but I don't agree with the best. To be the best you have to be surrounded by the best, and I still think they have a little work to do in that area!!
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