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Default Re: Holmgren sucks!

I know people who were at the game and at the end of the field that Holmgren walked onto after the game ended. They said it looked like Holmgren couldn't find Cowhers. Then he got whisked away by the event officials. They were shocked to hear Holmgren was being criticized because their initial take was that Cowhers was too busy celebrating to shake Holmgren's hand. When they say the story later that showed Cowhers was looking for Holmgren, they understood it was just due to post game chaos and both guys were trying to meet up.

As for the line Holmgren said about the refs.... I am disapointed he said it. I don't think it accomplished anything postive for him and his organization and I would expect more of him as a leader. In fact, most of the Seahawk players have been much better letting the officiating problems go and taking responsibility for their uncharacteristic mistakes.

Holmgren should sucked it up and let the rest of the writers and NFL fans without allegiances to the Seahawks comment about the NFL's referee problems.
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