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Default Re: Fantasy Question

Personally, after watching the absolute crap that has gone on in our secondary this year (especially the last 2 games), yes I would. In a heartbeat.

I love Holmes. He and Ben played a HUGE part in bringing us ring #6, but to have Revis and Troy in our secondary together...oh man I get tingly just thinking about it. The guy is arguably the best CB in the game right now.

Wallace could move up to take over Holmes spot...and after that...I dunno. Get some tar and super glue for Sweed's gloves.

Or pick up a nice Free Agent WR in 2010...Brandon Marshall would be sexy...if he could leave his attitude at the door. Of course, his budget would probably be a little out of reach. A more realistic budget would be (I know it may sound like heresy but given the purely fantasy scenario of this thread) Chris Henry. He is a free agent next year. The guy has a history of being a punk off the field, but if he kept his act straight, I wouldn't mind seeing the guy in black and gold rather than that dirty black and orange.
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