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Default Re: Open your books, Mr. Nutting!

Originally Posted by Shea View Post
I'm curious as to how much the payroll is for the team? And I'm also curious as to what the average attendance is for a Pirates game? I don't know that much about either statistic but the ownership of the Pirates confuses me.

The Steelers and Pens are huge to the city and heavily supported within Pittsburgh and also heavily supported throughout the states as well. Why not field a competitive team? To me it seems like they would bring in more money with the examples that the other two major sports franchises set and also get the respect from the city and the fanbase, which would translate to more ticket and merchandise sales.

When you win, or when you lose yet show that you've put an effort into winning, doesn't that equate to more dollars??

What am I missing here???
They drew 1.58 million fans last season, which was the lowest since PNC Park opened in 2001. That's roughly 18,000 fans per game, way more than even I expected. Their payroll when the season ended was around $25 million, down from $48 million when the season started.

It has never occurred to Bob Nutting that he'd make a shitload more money if he put a competitive team on the field, because that would require him do the one thing he has never done and obviously has no intention of doing - spend money. He'd much rather put garbage on the field year after year and make millions of dollars with little to no risk. OK, so he's expanded the international budget, draft budget and opened a brand new baseball facility in the Dominican Republic in order to tap into the deep talent base there. But what is the point of bringing in quality young talent if all he's going to do is ship them off to the Yankees or Red Sox for their leftovers, rather than spend the money to keep them? You'd also think at some point the league would step in, but let's remember who's in charge. Bud Selig is more inept at his job than Roger Goodell and Gary Bettman, so that is never going to happen.

Bottom line is that Nutting gets no more of my money until he either has an epiphany and starts spending more money on players, or he sells the team. I've just had enough.
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