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Post To Wilford Brimley stunt double Holmgren

You envious little monkey, you are as bad as the Bungles and their whining about Kimo's massage therapy on Palmers knee...I wonder if Carson eats Rice krispies anymore?

Sit down, eat some quaker oats, and ingest this:

The call on Darrell Jackson was a pushoff...if Hope had done the same thing and intercepted it, he would've been called for pass interference...

Locklear had a hold on Haggans very similar to the hold that Mark Madden puts his hands around that 6th hoagie in the fridge by 2pm...

Ben was across the goalline, and if your weak D had stopped him, we would've scored on the next play anyways...(i know this cause i asked one of those magic 8 ball thingamagingies)

ESPN, the world, and anyone else that doubts us, including that weasel Colin Coward can kiss Pittsburgh's respective a$$es!!

Take this to the bank...with a core like we have, Ben, Hines, Willie, Troy, and MANY MORE you can pencil in our reservations to many future Super Bowls. Get used to seeing us throwing one hell of a parade 2 days after the big game ALOT BABY!

Bengals? 34-17 (We dey!)

Colts? 21-18 (The unbeatable were beat)

Broncos? 31-17 (3 in a row, no problem)

Seahawks? 21-10 (We played our B game and still won easily)


"We are traveling a path right now that no one else has been on. However you want to view that, it will be a big challenge for us. But we certainly aren?t going to let history dictate our journey. As I told the players a lot of times, your journey can make history. That?s kind of the mindset that we have." -Coach Cowher
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