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Default Re: Help Shut Eagles fan up

Eagels Super Bowl win or loss, I'll be hearing it the next few weeks here in the Philly suburbs.

Lesser of two evils... hum, hard to pick that one. Anyway both teams can lose the Super Bowl? J/k

Want to hear a good one. Y-100, a rock station in Philly, has a morning show that did the usual crazy stuff for playoff tickets.

For the Vikings game, they had a contest called "McNadds". So what was the content? Eating some sort of animal "nadds". I thought for a moment if I would do that for Steelers tickets. No way. I rather do something else to make the cash to pay for the ticket.

For the Falcons game, they had a contest where a brother and a sister had to kiss or make-out of something like that. At least there was kissing a part of that. I wouldn't do that with my sisters, yet that is not as bad as the McNadd's thing. If it making out, then count me out, if it were for Steelers tickets.

I forget what the contest is this time. I barely caught the details, since I was pissed all morning about everything on the face of the earth. I do know the prize was a Winnabego ride to Jacksonville with all expenses paid. I was thinking the past couple weeks of doing the unthinkable for Steelers-Eagles tickets... That's right, pretend to be an Eagles fan to get Super Bowl prize tickets. Not that this would have happen, yet how funny would that be to pack all my Steelers gear into the Winnebage!

I've shared enough ridiculous thigns for now.

Steelers Football: Simply the Best!
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