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Thumbs up Top Ten Reasons Seahawks lost SuperBowl

Top Ten Reasons Seahawks Lost Superbowl.

No.10. Jeremy Stevens lost his ?game? in baggage at Detroit Airport.

No. 9. Spittle and sweat on field after Mick Jaeger?s half-time performance formed an a slick area on field which caused Seattle defenders to loose footing and fall on their asses during Pittsburgh first second quarter possession.

No. 8. Officials mistakenly drink ?Shroom Tea? when their Gatorade Jug is accidentally switched with a Seahawks fan?s thermos from Bellingham Washington.

No.7. Terrible Towels really terrible this year.

No. 6. Starbucks kiosk on Seahawk sidelines causes major distraction.

No. 5. Some of the Hawk fans did not get memo from Paul Allen to wear blue and green on game day.

No. 4. Huge images of Steelers hugging Lombardi Trophy on JumboTron caused many Seahawk players to believe game has already been played and experience extreme feelings of D?j? vu, Whoa.

No. 3. Courtney Love crashes Mike Holgrem?s halftime pep talk.

No. 2 One Seattle fan forgot to wear his lucky sweatshirt, you know who you are.

And the Number One reason the Seahawks lost the Superbowl.
????..The Steelers beat them.
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