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Default Re: Boise State BCS Thread...

Bumped how?

There are 8 open slots for BCS (non-championship) games. After this weekend, there will only be 4 or 5 undefeated teams, and at most, 2 teams with one loss.

One loss IS relevant. If you play in a non-BCS conference, with NO strong OOC games, how would that make you more BCS bowl worthy than a two-loss BCS team who DID play a strong OOC schedule.

I think it's close to right in the current system. One undefeated team will be locked out if things play out as expected (TCU or Boise State), and that's not right, but otherwise it is almost a certainty that the top 10 teams will play in the BCS bowls and championship game.

I go back to what Pete Carroll said. The team with the best RECORD is not necessarily the best team.

That's why we need an 8 team playoff. You can lose one or even two games and still have shot. Now, one loss means you're sort of screwed and two losses means you are out.
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