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Default Re: 20 reasons the refs' calls didn't matter...

Pushing off on Stevens - Correct call.

Big Ben TD - Correct call.

Hasselbeck block - BS.

There are bad calls in EVERY game. The bad calls in this specific game stood out because it's the Super Bowl. Once again, let them cry, they are the one's that look bad. Refs are human, not robots. They make mistakes. Like they did in the Colts/Steelers game. That's why I was one of people not stating it's a "conspiracy". They were bad calls BUT we over came those calls and won. The media forgets to include that part.

Difference is, we over came the bad calls...........Seattle did not. What I do find funny though, the calls that were not called in that game that should have went against the Seahawks. But we will just ignore those calls.

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