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Default Re: This Seahawks fan's two cents, for what it's worth

Originally Posted by clevestinks
I don`t think anyone here would argue that officiating sucks! We`ve been screwed regularly. Alot of the calls sunday were judgement calls, what are you going to do! And I understand being bitter, but they have to let it go. In Pittsburgh, I was at the parade, its over, but ESPN, NFL Network won`t let the seahawks statements die, so it has tainted our win.

Your comments will go over well here! You seem very knowledgable, and a good Haks fan. So thank you. You may want to consider sticking around, we have a great forum here, with alot of outsiders!
I think there was really one ridiculous call (on Hasslebeck after his INT) and 2 questionable tick-tack (although techinically correct) calls. What bothered me was the post-game crying and nitpicking, the Parrot like regurgitation from bandwagon fans who only showed that they know very little about the game itself. Some even made up crap, such as claiming that Bens Touchdown was not a TD when the Picture clearly shows that it was.

To be honest, I thought Holmgren came out looking bad as he pandered to a very large crowd by saying that the referees were on Pittsburgh's side. I expect this from fans but not from a professional coach like Holmgren, especially when that coach demonstrated poor clock magement and his players could not execute 2 field goals and through an INT down by 4 points as they were getting ready to take the lead. In fact, I think Mike holmgren could learn a lesson from Hasslebeck, who acted like a man and said Pittsburgh made the big plays to win and SEATTLE didnt
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